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  1. I got your email asking for feedback but the link wouldn’t work. So, even if I’m not responding to your specific questions I’d like to tell you we had an AMAZING time. I got the round table I’d asked for; the service was friendly and attentive; the atmosphere was great (it was full and such a lovely happy vibe) and the food? Brilliant and the big draw (I adore your butter prawns/ squid and Redang Beef). It was also my birthday and you had the lights down and everyone singing and presented me with a cake my friends brought with them.

    Fantastic night and now my number one official favourite restaurant.

    Thank you so much!

    • Sorry for the late replay, the site is not for answering question.
      If u like to know more about the menu, you can phone up and we will love to explain anything to you.

      teddy lee manager of kampung Ali

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